Slender Scotch Burnet Moths on Ulva

Camping Guidelines

In order to maintain the unspoiled nature of the island for future generations to enjoy, we ask you to abide by the following rules, which have been drawn up after consultation with Scottish Natural heritage and The Scottish Mountaineering Council.

1. Only camp in permitted areas and not within sight of dwellings.

2. Do not stop in one place for longer than 1 night.

3. Choose a site, which is dry, safe, and unobtrusive, but do not modify it by moving boulders, digging drainage ditches or removing vegetation.

4. Show restraint in not camping in places where your presence might disturb wildlife and in scenic spots where tents would be intrusive.

5. No  fires and, however cooking, avoid any risk of setting fire to adjacent wood or grassland.

6. Take away every single piece of litter. Never leave (or bury) any food scraps, as these attract scavenging animals and birds.

7. Be careful in your personal hygiene. Do not foul sites within 50 metres of any watercourse; dig a shallow hole and bury human waste – but do not do this under a boulder.

Livingstone’s Cave, abandoned buildings, farm buildings and ruins are absolutely out of bounds to campers.

Note: We are carefully monitoring the impact of the present level of camping on Ulva. If this becomes too great, due to increased numbers and/or unacceptable disturbance to wildlife, we reserve the right to change the above rules.